Create the Court

You know what’s cool? Getting a free t-shirt when you go to a game. You know what’s really cool? Coming up with a design for an NBA basketball team’s home court in a major arena and having that design implemented—in the hard wood—for the entire season.

We helped the Portland Trail Blazers and Moda Health make that fun idea a digital reality with a website that unleashed the creative juices of a passionate fan base.

Portland Trail Blazers

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With a tight timeframe and a few big ideas, we quickly found ourselves distilling the NBA rules and regulations down to a few simple steps and presenting them in a way that gave fans the most freedom of expression within those parameters. The end result was a simple tool that offered over one hundred thousand possible court combinations and presented them in real time.

That all sounds great… but did people use it?

Short answer: Yes.

Long Answer: Hell yes.

Create the Court

The contest received five times the estimated number of entries and huge social engagement using the hashtag #createthecourt. It also received some great press from the NBA and the local Portland area. Oh yeah, and the Trail Blazers got a slick fan-designed court that they, and their fans, could be proud of.

Create the Court
Create the Court