H&M | Dragon Tattoo Collection Engagement

Revolution Marketing, a cutting edge experiential marketing firm, needed a social and digital component for a pop-up store promoting an H&M clothing line inspired by Lisbeth from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Sanborn came up with an idea to let pop-up shop customers and users from anywhere “hack” into the store (to align with Lisbeth’s hacking background).

Revolution Marketing

User Experience
Website Design
Social Integration
Front-End Development
Back-End Development
Live Installation

The site, which was live only during the event, allowed users to log in with Facebook and view live security camera feeds of the pop-up shop. Users could then project their faces onto mannequins in the store, who had Sony Tablets strapped to their heads (it was a Sony Pictures film).

The user walked away with a snapshot of their face in the mannequin, as customers of the store looked on in interest/confusion. The project was weird, dark, and incredibly fun. Rarely do clients pay us to let strangers to hack their events…

H&M | Dragon Tattoo Collection Engagement