Dan Brown’s Inferno Augmented Reality App

Hell. It’s not a fun place…but if someone asked you to create a virtual portal to it from the cover of Dan Brown’s new novel…would you say no? Our souls were certainly not prepared for that…and thus we visited our priests/rabbis/other-assorted-holy-people…made our peace with the creator and set about engineering one of our most rewarding augmented reality mobile apps of recent memory.

As is the case with most of our favorite projects, this one called upon pretty much every muscle we had to flex—3D motion graphics video production, multi-platform mobile development, integrated social campaign and (as always) an intense visual design effort.

So please… we invite you… to go to hell.

Dan Brown

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The challenge

The challenge laid down by Dan Brown’s publisher was fairly simple: create a compelling viral social experience to help promote the new book, which would leverage the physical book cover, the Dante-inspired themes of the novel, and Dan Brown’s legacy of secrets hiding in plain sight.

The result

The result is an augmented reality app for iOS and Android, which invites the user to scan the cover of the book and get sucked into a symbol-gathering, social photo-sharing adventure.

Dan Brown’s Inferno Augmented Reality App
Dan Brown’s Inferno Augmented Reality App

Design Assets

In our design process, we leave no detail untouched, so as part of the branding effort we created a dynamic custom app icon. It played off of the idea of the user’s initial experience of “descending into hell” by creating an optical illusion of dimension.

Dan Brown’s Inferno Augmented Reality App

App Promo Site

To promote the app alongside the book and the contests, we built a stand-alone page that showcased features of the augmented reality app and pointed users to where it could be downloaded in the iTunes and Google Play stores.