Legendary Digital Network’s Alpha SVOD Platform

In 2015 Sanborn worked with Legendary Entertainment to launch the new Legendary.com site, and in 2016 we partnered with Legendary Digital Network (LDN) to create a one of a kind interactive Subscription Video on Demand platform, featuring all the freshest Nerdist and Geek & Sundry shows, as well as new Alpha originals and live content.

Legendary Digital Networks

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The Challenge

The Legendary team came to us with an exciting new challenge: to harness the existing beloved Nerdist and Geek & Sundry content and deliver a highly interactive product to an audience that relishes engagement and community.

Legendary Digital Network’s Alpha SVOD Platform

The Solution

The birth of a multi-subscription, React-based, interactive hub for all things Legendary Digital Network (LDN) known as Alpha. Here users can watch their favorite shows early, access exclusive Alpha content and events, watch live interactive programming, chat and discuss with other fans.

Legendary Digital Network’s Alpha SVOD Platform
Legendary Digital Network’s Alpha SVOD Platform

Video On Demand

The cornerstone of the platform is the robust video on demand library, which houses the top LDN shows, along with original programming. Fans can browse the content by playlists that are curated by the LDN talent, or narrow down based on the channel and the air date. Each show has a branded landing page where the user can see the show’s catalog, and Follow a show to get notifications when new episodes are available.

Live Shows

What sets Alpha apart from the SVOD pack is the daily interactive Live offering. Fans get alerted when a live show is on air so they can tune in and engage with other users in real time. A weekly schedule is a available, with features to add reminders of shows to your calendar, so you never miss a beat.

Legendary Digital Network’s Alpha SVOD Platform
Legendary Digital Network’s Alpha SVOD Platform

Live Chat

Cultivating a sense of community is paramount to LDN, so it was important to allow the fans to discuss shows and hot topics in real time. To build on this further, we’ve given fans the ability to discover each other’s profiles, follow one another and put in safeguards to assure that it is a safe space.


To further the community aspect of the platform we’re included a forum, powered by NodeBB, which gives fans a place to have a more passive place to discuss their favorite shows.

Legendary Digital Network’s Alpha SVOD Platform
Legendary Digital Network’s Alpha SVOD Platform


Another unique value prop offering from Alpha is access to special Events. Fans can go to their profile and see what Events are currently available in their area and be given exclusive access to tickets.

Legendary Digital Network’s Alpha SVOD Platform

Never Miss a Moment

Unlike the other guys, we have built Alpha to play nice with all screen resolutions and devices. This allows the user to watch content from anywhere in their mobile browser and never miss a moment. To further support engaging on the go, an iOS app is currently in the works, to be released early 2017.