Wired Brand Labs + Arconic

Driverless cars, travel to Mars, actually building Pauly’s robot from Rocky IV…welcome to a conversation about metal.


Align a company that makes most of the aluminum in the world with Wired-ish conversations about an exciting future of innovation.


Aluminum mining and smelting is very 19th century. But aluminum alloys are pure space-age. Arconic came to Wired Brand Labs to help them build a video presence more in line with their cutting edge business. Wired Brand Labs came to us.

We flew around the country to interview Arconic executives, along with future-focused thought leaders and experts. We also went to Indiana to capture footage of their newest factory.

Since so much of the discussion involved hypothetical technologies we needed to supplement our footage with a variety of stock media, along with all original design and graphics to tell the story of a 21st century company headed to the 22nd.

Stock footage today is better than it’s ever been, and it’s not confined to smiling young people enjoying fruit. There’s green screen plates of spaceship models, 3D astronauts, cosmic overlays, etc. If you can’t get a camera to the perfect location, odds are you can still tell the story with a little Google-fu and creativity.

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