Wired + Lexus

Like Michael Phelps racing that great white shark only with cars…and sound systems.


Prove that the sound system on a Lexus is equal or superior to the Santa Fe Opera House.


Wired brought the concept of pitting the Mark Levinson sound system in the new Lexus ES against the sound produced by the stunning new Sante Fe Opera House. They knew where they wanted to perform the showdown, but needed help figuring out exactly what they were going to test and whether it would work.

Sanborn took it from there, helping Wired work through the concept, getting buy-in from Lexus, and finding an audio engineer who worked with binaural recording processes. We moseyed down to New Mexico and captured the experiment with stunning results. Can you guess who won?

High end cars like the Lexus ES, lovely as they are, are all swooping angles and reflective surfaces. Pair that with the southwestern sun and you’ve got a lot of light to compete with. To overcome those challenges you need to do the work in pre-production to secure the right crew and equipment. We aim to make our clients’ lives easy on that front. We coordinated directly the Santa Fe Opera house staff to understand the layout and unique challenges we would face, ensuring a successful shoot when the car finally rolled onto the stage.


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Location Scouting
Post Production